Thursday, February 24


To those who read this I am very sorry I haven't posted. Work has been going well and I have been doing small side projects. Right now I am helping my mother with an art opening in Santa Monica. Close friends are having a baby soon so I am helping with the baby shower decorations. Then the TV show I am on now will be ending :( but I have a brand-spanking new job on the other side of town. Needless to say it has been busy and wonderfully exciting.

With my mom in town we have been going out to eat but I have also been able to show off my favorite recipes to her. For instance, last night I made etouffee that was fantastic. Tomorrow we will be eating at Stefan's at LA farm. I want to see what kind of new and interesting food he has on the menu. I enjoy where new American cuisine is heading. New American cuisine should just be called “Everything”. Its influences are all over the board. You can order duck confit or tempura udon but with the chef's personal twist. I want to explore this more in One Cook's Nook and hopefully it will be coming soon!

Thursday, September 16


Two months ago I began working on a new TV show. It has been an amazing experience. The people I work for are some of the best I have ever worked for. Needless to say, the cooking/writing has been thrown to the side.

After attending a festival this weekend, I began to look at the pictures on my camera and found some old food pictures. I had a picture of a Pulled Pork Quesadilla using the pulled pork from my Pulled Pork Pizza recipe. And I had a picture of one of my favorite dishes, Chilaquiles.

If you have never heard of Chilaquiles, it's an amazing Mexican breakfast item. You take chili and tortilla chips, mix them up, bake them as a casserole and then top with cheese and a fried egg. It is one of the best breakfast pick-me-ups!

The quesadilla is like any basic quesadilla. I used Monterey Jack cheese, which I believe to be one of the best mild melting cheeses. I pictured it with guacamole, but I ate it with BBQ sauce. So good!